Telford reach truck at AmpacetAmpacet, a customer of West Mercia for over 16 years have decided to renew their contract hire agreements for their 4 fork lift trucks which will continue their business relationship through 2 decades.

Ampacet Corporation advances the future of plastics by bringing forward thinking solutions to their customers that increase product performance, durability and sustainability. They focus extensively on colour, special effects and advanced functional additive and masterbatch products. They also offer black and white masterbatches as well as process aids.

Ampacet products are used in applications ranging from packaging, sporting goods, home décor, cosmetics and beauty to appliances, automotive, healthcare, 3D printing and aerospace.

Founded in 1937, Ampacet operates 25 manufacturing sites in 18 different countries! Which are as followed; Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and both the U.K & U.S.A. Ampacet also have four research and development centres – two which are in America, one in Europe and another one in Asia, additionally there are 90 other countries their products are sold to.

“The fork lift trucks at Ampacet are an integral part of our operations. We run 2 LPG counterbalance Trucks, a compact Electric 3 wheel counterbalance and a Reach Truck in our warehouse. All 4 trucks are extremely busy and it dramatically impacts production when 1 or more machines are down. Prior to 2002, we were experiencing numerous breakdowns and poor response times from our then service provider. At this time we made the decision to change suppliers to West Mercia Fork Lift Trucks and haven’t looked back since. They have supplied us with numerous fork lift trucks which have stood up well to our arduous application.

The level of service we receive is outstanding which reduces downtime to a minimum and therefore maximises our productivity. I would have no hesitation in recommending West Mercia Fork Lift Trucks as a material handling supplier.
Julie Harte – Site Manager