Evesham Based Company Purchases Forklift Truck Online

“The Daewoo truck is a massive improvement and is going to be a lot easier to store inside. It’s great to have something that is going to be reliable and will speed up our delivery process.”

Paul - D & M Sheds

Daewoo for Fencing D & M Sheds have been handcrafting top quality garden buildings since 1997 with Mark Westwood as sole proprietor since 2000. In that time the business has developed an enviable reputation for build quality of the highest standard.

Requiring a more compact forklift with a shorter mast (closed height) because of the low doorway, Mark Westwood approached West Mercia via an online enquiry through their website.

With a useful and easy to use filtering system, the website allowed Mark Westwood to view a large variety of different forklifts. Most forklifts displayed on the West Mercia’s website allow customers to view images, videos and prices for the forklifts. From here, the ideal used fork truck was identified.

A Daewoo D25S with a Full Free Triple Mast with relatively low usage was recommended. After the demonstration took place at West Mercia’s Oldbury Depot, an order was placed including a part exchange.

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