Carcase Solutions welcomed to the world of Forklift trucks

“I couldn’t have been happy with my purchase and the truck looks practically brand new”.

Martin Beech of Carcase Solutions seeing the fully refurbished Doosan G25S-5 arrive on site
Carcase Solutions Fork Truck

Starting up a new company comes with many obstacles however for the Redditch based company Carcase Solutions, solving their Material Handling needs wasn’t one. Carcase Solutions are a proud direct supplier for Home appliances for a number of large distributors.

Martin called into the Tividale branch of West Mercia requesting assistance as they hadn’t owned a forklift before and wasn’t sure what size, fuel or type of truck they required. A thorough site survey was completed by Sean Cross to determine what was best suited for their customer.

Martin was also invited to the Tividale branch to be able to see the West Mercia Operation which boasts an impressive Workshop with Paint Booth. From here, Martin was talked through the key points whilst demonstrating and was also given the opportunity to test out a number of trucks on site.

Once the right truck was found, a service plan was set up so that Carcase Solutions didn’t have to worry about Maintaining their truck in the long run so that they could focus their concentration on their new adventure.

Sean of West Mercia stated “it is an absolute pleasure to assist a new company with their exciting journey”.

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