Strict Requirements Met By West Mercia Hyster A1.50

Having now taken delivery of the Hyster A1.50, Andrew Carter of Leighton Carter Insulation Company Limited commented:

“I’m so happy with the purchase and the Hyster 3 wheel electric counterbalance is a massive upgrade to what equipment we were operating”.

Specific Mast Leighton CarterLeighton Carter Insulation Company Limited has been engaged in the insulation business for over 40 years. They are among the market leaders in the insulation of pipework, vessels, duct-work and for the prefabrication and fitting of various cladding materials for high temperature, low temperature and acoustic purposes.

The Welsh Insulation business required a small electric forklift truck that offered high manoeuvrability. Their main aim was to locate a truck with a specialised lower than normal mast – which West Mercia delivered.

Due to the customer being based in Newport and not being able to see the truck prior to purchase, West Mercia’s website allowed the customer to see images and specification of the truck. The access of the video showing the truck in action and West Mercia Field Sales Executive talking the customer through the key points of the forklift massively helped which allowed Director, Andrew Carter, find his ideal investment.

Andrew from Leighton Carter stated “I scoured the internet for several weeks until I saw West Mercia Fork Trucks. On their website they had several hundred forklifts in stock, with pictures and videos which I found fantastic.”

Sean Cross of West Mercia said “ Andrew and his company were fantastic to work with, and very accommodating. They clearly have a wonderful business and are leaders in their profession.”

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