Bigger, Better and Tougher for BJS Wednesbury

 Doosan Tough Pack

In 2009, West Mercia Fork Trucks supplied the then newly-incorporated BJS Home Delivery with their very first forklift truck. Since then, BJS Home Delivery has grown to become one of the UK's leading two-man, home delivery services.

To meet the demands of their dramatic business growth, BJS Home Delivery now occupies a 325,000 square foot facility. BJS Home Delivery currently runs a fleet of over 50 forklift trucks which keep their the day-to-day business running smoothly.

Doosan Tough Pack improves the Forklifts already renowned sturdy performance with additional protection to the undercarriage and cooling system. Combined with Doosan’s signature standard feature of oil cooled disk brakes, the upgraded Tough machines are ideal for operations where dust or overheating has proved a challenge. Virtually maintenance free, the revolutionary oil-cooled disc brakes are an enclosed brake system eliminating outside contamination which extends brake life by up to five times.

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