Having now taken delivery of the Hyster A1.50, Andrew Carter of Leighton Carter Insulation Company Limited commented:

“I’m so happy with the purchase and the Hyster 3 wheel electric counterbalance is a massive upgrade to what equipment we were operating”.

Specific Mast Leighton CarterLeighton Carter Insulation Company Limited has been engaged in the insulation business for over 40 years. They are among the market leaders in the insulation of pipework, vessels, duct-work and for the prefabrication and fitting of various cladding materials for high temperature, low temperature and acoustic purposes.

The Welsh Insulation business required a small electric forklift truck that offered high manoeuvrability. Their main aim was to locate a truck with a specialised lower than normal mast – which West Mercia delivered.

Due to the customer being based in Newport and not being able to see the truck prior to purchase, West Mercia’s website allowed the customer to see images and specification of the truck. The access of the video showing the truck in action and West Mercia Field Sales Executive talking the customer through the key points of the forklift massively helped which allowed Director, Andrew Carter, find his ideal investment.

Andrew from Leighton Carter stated “I scoured the internet for several weeks until I saw West Mercia Fork Trucks. On their website they had several hundred forklifts in stock, with pictures and videos which I found fantastic.”

Sean Cross of West Mercia said “ Andrew and his company were fantastic to work with, and very accommodating. They clearly have a wonderful business and are leaders in their profession.”

Valbruna UK Ltd (http://www.valbruna.co.uk) is a private and fully integrated steel mill. It is one of the largest stainless steel bar producers in Europe. It has two major manufacturing bases in northern Italy. One site based at its international headquarters in the historic city of Vicenza and the other based at Bolzano, in the beautiful Italian Tyrol. It also has a production facility based in U.S.A. Valbruna UK Ltd have office and warehouse locations based in West Bromwich, Sheffield and Manchester.

Their comprehensive product range includes ingot, billet, rod in coil, round, hexagon, hollow bar, square, flat, angle, reinforcement bar and wire. The mill produces over 600 stainless steel grades including duplex, nickel alloys and titanium.

West Bromwich Branch Manager Nick Bate spoke to Dave Pugh at West Mercia, a Local Family Business based within a mile of the West Bromwich Depot about upgrading their 3000kg Electric truck. Nick said ‘ I spoke to West Mercia and requested a 3000kg LPG truck for an upgrade to our old Electric truck, the main requirement that we needed on the truck was a 6 metre lift height for our racking.’ Dave Pugh at West Mercia came met Nick for a site survey and recommended the Daewoo GC30E Compact LPG truck for Valbruna. Nick finished off saying ‘ The refurbished truck, looks absolutely wonderful, the Italian owners will be over the moon!’ ‘We hope to do more and more with West Mercia in the near Future.’

Telford reach truck at AmpacetAmpacet, a customer of West Mercia for over 16 years have decided to renew their contract hire agreements for their 4 fork lift trucks which will continue their business relationship through 2 decades.

Ampacet Corporation advances the future of plastics by bringing forward thinking solutions to their customers that increase product performance, durability and sustainability. They focus extensively on colour, special effects and advanced functional additive and masterbatch products. They also offer black and white masterbatches as well as process aids.

Ampacet products are used in applications ranging from packaging, sporting goods, home décor, cosmetics and beauty to appliances, automotive, healthcare, 3D printing and aerospace.

Founded in 1937, Ampacet operates 25 manufacturing sites in 18 different countries! Which are as followed; Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and both the U.K & U.S.A. Ampacet also have four research and development centres – two which are in America, one in Europe and another one in Asia, additionally there are 90 other countries their products are sold to.

“The fork lift trucks at Ampacet are an integral part of our operations. We run 2 LPG counterbalance Trucks, a compact Electric 3 wheel counterbalance and a Reach Truck in our warehouse. All 4 trucks are extremely busy and it dramatically impacts production when 1 or more machines are down. Prior to 2002, we were experiencing numerous breakdowns and poor response times from our then service provider. At this time we made the decision to change suppliers to West Mercia Fork Lift Trucks and haven’t looked back since. They have supplied us with numerous fork lift trucks which have stood up well to our arduous application.

The level of service we receive is outstanding which reduces downtime to a minimum and therefore maximises our productivity. I would have no hesitation in recommending West Mercia Fork Lift Trucks as a material handling supplier.
Julie Harte – Site Manager

Image : Operators, Phil and Gary with the newly arrived 12000kg Fork truck

Coventry based Impression Technologies are now able to form larger HFQ ® pressings for their customers thanks to the ability to move tools up to 12 tonnes in weight.

To enable this, there was a need to increase the fork lift truck lifting capacity to accommodate handling the heavier press tools at their facility at Lyons Park, Coventry.

Simon Griffiths, Director of Operations & Project Management for Impression Technologies, held several meetings and discussions with West Mercia’s David Stanley and Mark Pugh prior to placing the order for a refurbished 12000kg fork truck. This followed a detailed review of alternative options.

West Mercia processed the used machine through their well - equipped workshop to the highest standard prior to delivery.

West Mercia’s Service Director, Glenn Draper installed the fork truck on site, carrying out operations familiarisation to ensure the operators had complete confidence in its use. The addition of hydraulic side shift and fork positioner attachment, gives more precise movement and this was received very well by the users and considered a major benefit in their operations.

Simon Griffiths said.

"As HFQ becomes accepted in the automotive industry, Impression Technologies is being asked to look at much larger and more complex presswork. Previously we were limited on the size of tooling we could use, and hence the size of product we could manufacture. Now we can make full use of the 3.0m x 1.6m press bed we have installed at our Coventry facility. The new Fork Truck will be instrumental in us further developing our product offering  With the truck being such a high value item we were keen to make sure we optimised the equipment for our usage and David & Mark at West Mercia spent a lot of time structuring the right deal for us and then once the truck was delivered they made sure it met all of our needs and were always fast to react to our requests."

The company opened the state of the art production and technology development centre in Autumn 2016 offering to fulfil contracts for high-end automotive manufacturers, such as Aston Martin, Lotus and Morgan.

The company opened the state of the art production and technology development centre in Autumn 2016 offering to fulfil contracts for high-end automotive manufacturers, such as Aston Martin, Lotus and Morgan.

The company patented its HFQ (Hot formed Quench) process following initial research at Birmingham University and Imperial College, London.

The process offers OEMs in the automotive, rail and aerospace sectors to form deep drawn complex shapes from high and ultra-high strength aluminium.
This process provides huge benefits and process savings as it allows manufacturers to produce cost effective light weight parts, using ultra high strength aluminium, with reduced forming operations, high levels of part integration and zero spring-back.

 You can learn more at  Impression Technologies website

Customer  impressed with Coventry Fork Truck Depot managers knowledge and advice

The origins of Stadium TM can be traced back to 2009 when Burnley FC called upon owner and managing Director, David McAtemney’s vast experience and knowledge of traffic management and logistics.

Although the company is less than a decade old, STM’s customer base and venues have included such prestigious events such as the London 2012 Olympics, the London Marathon, as well as many premiership and championship football venues, local authorities and high profile sites such as parliament square. 

Stadium TM offer a complete package from training personnel, supply of highly trained stewards and a selection of protection barriers.

In recent years, providing maximum protection to the public in areas where there’s a high volume of pedestrian traffic has become an extremely sensitive issue.

STM’s Hostile Vehicle Mitigation barrier (HTV) Active surface guard (ATG) and Rosehill Rapid Defender provide protection from rogue vehicles. The increase in demand has resulted in the company needing a facility to store the product prior to despatching to various venues throughout the UK.

The move to the larger premises provides this space and the need to acquire a fork lift truck was essential as part of this plan.

West Mercia’s David Stanley met David on site to determine what type of fork truck would best suit the company’s operational needs. David proposed a compact 3, wheel counterbalance fork truck, complete with a full free lift mast to safely work in low headroom areas and a weather cab to provide protection to the operators from the elements when loading outside.

David placed the order and West Mercia delivered the fork lift less than a week later.

I was very impressed with West Mercia’s and David’s knowledge in providing advice and the right forklift to suit our needs. Our operations are expanding rapidly, having the right tools at hand is essential. It’s great to establish a new relationship with a fellow Coventry business, we’re very pleased. Thank you West Mercia!”.

David McAtemney – Managing Director"