West Mercia go the extra ‘Air’ Mile for Malthouse

west mercia delivers forklifts to malthouse

Malthouse Engineering, the UKs largest independent Steel profiling and steel solutions company, have been a highly valued customer of West Mercia for a number of years, due to the fantastic service West Mercia have provided, it also helps being located down the road.

John Evans at Malthouse was looking for an Electric Tug, to shift 25000kg on steel around the yard, and had checked on the internet.  He stated ‘ I called in Dave Pugh as we have had forklifts for several years, and wanted a reputable company to look into a tug for us. Dave came back with a wonderful machine from an Airport that is absolutely perfect for what we use. It has been brilliant to work with West Mercia for this machine, they found one and had one delivered within a few weeks for us. West Mercia always go the extra mile for us!’

Dave Pugh stated ‘ John told me what he needed, and wanted a good solid machine, he was very open with what they wanted and what they had seen online, and I worked to match their needs. As always, we have dealt with Malthouse for many many years, it has again been a pleasure to work with John for this one.’

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