Short and Long Term Forklift Hire
Operational Flexibility

More organizations are deciding not to purchase their own but instead hire their forklift trucks. Whatever the reason, West Mercia can assist you with the right solution. West Mercia offers forklift hire from our depots in Birmingham, Telford and Coventry.

Short term forklift hire is often known as casual or spot-hire whereas long term forklift hire may also be known as contract forklift hire. Longer term forklift hire normally means there is a smaller payment which can be made on weekly or monthly arrangements. Casual or spot hire can be done on an hourly, daily , weekly or monthly basis. Long term hire avoids capital outlay and can offer tax incentives which our team of experts can talk you through, so enabling you to make an informed choice between long-term hire and purchase.


Forklift Hire - Yours When You Need Them – Ours When You Don`t

With over 500 modern forklift trucks available for hire IMMEDIATELY our large choice offers you flexibility to switch the model and type of fork truck based on the nature of the task you need to perform.. We can provide heavy duty fork trucks to lift up to 50,000kg.
Our flexible approach means that you can hire by the hour, day, week or month without any long-term commitment from you. No Hidden Costs: A Forklift truck provided at the right price and in perfect working order with no hidden extra cost or maintenance charges.

Your Forklift Truck Needs: Peace of Mind

With a long-term hire package you have the fork truck that you need, at a price that fits your budget and there are no hidden extras as all long term deals come with a full maintenance package. Packages are tailored to your usage requirements. The lower the usage the lower the cost.

Moreover your agreement is directly with us, not via a third party finance company, which allows us to ensure that you get the long-term hire solution that is right for your business. This means that we don’t work to a standard programme but instead can tailor every deal so that it is right for your needs.

Our long term hire facility gives you immediate access into our rapid response, highly effective service and repair facilities, which are fronted by a preventative maintenance programme that should avoid your forklift trucks failing as a result of a lack of servicing or regular parts replacement.

Take advantage of our free onsite survey and consultancy service – book a forklift expert today – it will cost you nothing.

Let us inject cash into your business by buying back your forklift truck, refurbishing it and hiring it back to you – you benefit from a cash injection and then have fixed price costs going forward with a truck that you know and trust

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